The DEED SKETCH COMPILATION tutorial will show you the steps taken using AutoCAD Civil 3D to compile the data so you can print a PDF with the desired information segmented into layers where you can control the visibility of those layers individually.

CAD software has all the tools for data compilation, organization, and authoring. There is a considerable amount of skill required to effectively produce work with CAD software. Publishing the CAD work to a PDF format significantly increases the accessibility of this work to a broader audience.
In this tutorial you will produce a PDF that has multiple deeds converted to line work (sketches) using metes and bounds descriptions. The line work is on the same coordinate system and segmented into layers in CAD.
End users of this document need to be able to compare one sketch to another overlaid in a single view. They can also see how it fits within the neighborhood of background data like a parcel map or aerial photo. The PDF file format is useful because non-CAD users can utilize CAD-like behavior. The PDF is published with layer controls to enable the end user to turn the layers on and off individually.

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Deed Sketch Compilation Tutorial is $25. You may pay with the following payment options and get a password to unlock the Protected post for this tutorial. Click the Protected post and gain access to the videos for this tutorial.