About the Course

How to Draw a Residential Site Plan Using AutoCAD

The starting premise is you know nothing about AutoCAD and very little about site plans.
The objective is to create a drawing of a Residential Site Plan using AutoCAD. You start with a hand drawn sketch provided with the course materials. The sketch is in pdf format which you will reproduce in AutoCAD following the instructional videos in this course.

This course has 12 Lessons total

This course has well indexed Videos for each Lesson.  Each Lesson is organized into multiple Exercises where the video pauses and you can try the steps you just learned using AutoCAD (*). A Quiz is at the end of each Lesson.

Getting Started with the Student Resources Kit.

There are some preparations required before starting the course. The Student Resources Kit has detailed instructions for setting up files and folders used during this course. You will be using AutoCAD. The Student Resources Kit has instructions for pre-configuring AutoCAD for this course.
*The Student Resources Kit has a link to an AutoCAD trial which you can install and use for 30 days for free.

The Student Resources Kit is published in a mind map format which takes some getting used to if you are not familiar with mind maps. Visit this help page to learn more about navigating in a mind map.

Start the Course

Before starting the course make sure you have completed the setup requirements found in the Student Resources Kit. Do you have AutoCAD installed? Have you created a drawing template? Do you have the folder structure for the course files created? If the answer is no to any of these questions please follow the instructions in the Student Resources Kit.

Click HERE to open the mind map in a separate window.