Course available in February 2024


The course, “Plan Revisions and Markups” will take you through a complete revision cycle where you will learn how to use the Markup tools in Autodesk Design Review software and the Markup Set Manager tools in AutoCAD.


The first iteration of a plan is rarely the last. Revisions are a part of every CAD Techs daily tasks. Most businesses that produce site plans have an established workflow as an essential part of their work. The division of work is represented by several roles. The most common roles I encounter are listed below.

  • Project Manager
  • Designer (senior CAD Tech)
  • CAD Technician

For discussion purposes lets break down these roles into a binary communication protocol of Reviewer and CAD Tech. Project Managers for this discussion will include many types of non-CAD users who are involved with decisions that directly effect what is shown on the plans. Project Managers for this discussion will play the role of Reviewer. Designers and CAD Techs play the role of CAD Tech.

In a single revision cycle the Reviewer writes comments on the current iteration of plans communicating what needs to be changed. These written comments are called Markups.

The CAD Tech receives the Markups and proceeds to make changes to the plans using CAD software, the same software used to produce the current iteration of plans as well as the next iteration of plans.

Improving revision cycle workflows

Design Review Process Diagram

This course contains an in-depth guide to the tools and a workflow demonstrating the communication techniques of a revision cycle that uses digital Markups. I present this course for those who want to use the available tools for a more automated digital revision cycle workflow.

The “We have always done it this way” crowd is comfortably set in their ways. It works for them. I have no desire to change their habits. I will try to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses in a paper based revision cycle workflow compared with a digital markups integrated revision cycle workflow. This comparison is primarily intended to help new CAD Techs adapt and thrive in the environment where they choose to work.

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