About CAD College

The purpose of CAD College is to develop CAD Techs (Civil Drafters) to add to the workforce. More Civil and Survey CAD Techs are needed. Business owners continually ask me. “Where can I find a good CAD tech?”

Many CAD Techs employed today are self-taught by necessity. As is true in all types of skilled jobs gaps in knowledge hinder performance.

CAD College provides opportunities for skills development aligned with employer needs. Whether you are new to CAD or experienced and need to fill some knowledge gaps CAD College courses teach you how to complete specific tasks using real world examples and evolved techniques.

Getting Started with CAD College

Students need a place to grow. Employers need a place to find new talent. The Membership page has instructions for both Students and Employers on how enroll then exploit the opportunities found on CADCollege.org

Your first step to learning AutoCAD is to signup for a Starter Membership for free. For the moment we are providing all courses free of charge. Start with this course How to Draw a Residential Site Plan using AutoCAD

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Who is running CAD College?

Brian Morse is your instructor and curator of this site.

Advanced CAD Technology, LLC is the owner of all original content on this site.

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