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The About page describes the purpose of CADCollege.org and an overview of what you can find on CAD College.



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Posts contain informative articles, news, and other important messages. You can navigate the the Posts by choosing a Category from the Post Categories list on the right side of this page.

Course content

Course content is found within the blog posts and categorized under Courses so you can use filters to display just the courses. A link to a list of Courses is also in the header of each page. Posts with a description of the course are not password protected so you can see a full description, any prerequisites, and payment options before purchasing the course. The password protected version of a course has its title prefixed with “Course Content -“, has links to the actual lessons. The category is Purchased Courses. After purchasing the course you will be sent a password and link to the course content.

Course help

Help: How to draw a Residential Site Plan using AutoCAD. This page contains some important details to help you navigate a mind map. Mind maps are a unique format for displaying and navigating content organized in a hierarchy of general to specific information.

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