About Page

The About page describes the purpose of CADCollege.org

Membership Page

The Membership page explains the sequence of subscribing to Memberships to unlock the features of your chosen role as either a Student or a Sponsor. The Starter Membership is intended to onboard new members and exclude the passer-bys from viewing exclusive Members only content. The Starter Membership is simply a firewall to protect against non-conformists or those with malicious intent.

Shop Page

Products are found on the Shop page. Product descriptions provide the details of what is being offered, the price, and purchase instructions.

  • Memberships are free products found on the Shop page.
  • Courses are products found on the Shop page and are mostly not free.

Student Members can purchase Courses listed as Products on the Shop page. The methods of payment include Points, cash, check, PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), and cryptocurrency (via Coinbase Commerce). Students are encouraged to acquire Points from donating Sponsors.

Connecting Sponsors and Students is a manual process handled by the site administrator. This is a temporary arrangement until an automated process is implemented.

My Account Page

My Account page has several sections.

Its format is primarily due to a compilation of technology. As a result it may seem somewhat chaotic but it works for the moment.

Store info section links
  • Dashboard
  • Orders
  • Downloads
  • Addresses
  • Account details
  • Logout
My Memberships

My Memberships area shows a table of your current subscriptions

My Wallet Transactions

My Wallet Transactions shows a table of transactions relating to the purchase and transfer of points

My Wallet Balance

My Wallet Balance shows the current balance in your Wallet

Points purchase option
  • Purchase options display only to Sponsor Members
  • Shows a few different choices of how many points you may purchase
  • The amount of points coincides with the points needed for a Student to purchase a course
  • A Points Purchase only accepts payments from a PayPal account or credit card. (this is a site configuration limitation for the moment).
Transfer Points Form

The Transferring Points form is only available to Sponsor Members

  1. Displays a drop-down list of Student Members
  2. Select a Student from the list
  3. Enter the amount of points you wish to transfer to that Student
  4. Click the Transfer points button

Other Sections


The blog contains Posts
Posts contain informative articles, messages to testers, and other important messages. You can navigate the the Posts by choosing a Category from the Post Categories list on the right side of this page.

Course content

Course content is found within the blog posts and tagged as courses so you can use filters to display just the courses. Courses only display for Student Members after they have purchased the Course. As a reminder, the Course descriptions are found on the Shop page.

Course help

Help: How to draw a Residential Site Plan using AutoCAD. This page contains some important details to help you navigate the mind map where the course content is found.