CAD College membership is organized by the role you play in the mission to develop CAD Techs. As a Student Member your role is to learn new skills and practice using those skills. As a Sponsor Member your role is to help Student Members by donating your points to their accounts. Student Members can use those points to purchase courses in the Store at CAD College. The description of each Membership type provides the details of how Points are purchased and consumed.

Starter Member

The first step for everyone.
Both Student and Sponsor become a Starter Member when they register a new account on
Starter Members then choose their next level of membership either a Student Member or a Sponsor Member by following the process for each as described below.
You can choose to become a member of both Student and Sponsor but the intent is to reduce the cost to students while helping potential employers (sponsors) develop new talent.

CAD College makes no guarantee of employment offers nor manages any negotiations between parties

Memberships Description Pages

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